"Our consciousness needs to move away from “Divide and rule” and more deeply into “Unite and respond with love”. Humanity unites through consciousness. Know who you really are. The truth is within you and I. Allow yourself to cleanse your psyche. Heal your fears – love and only love, those with us and those we perceive are against us. This material world is only a mirror of your consciousness. There is nothing to fear. It is not a fight to be fought or a war to be waged. It is about healing our fears and learning to love. When you see your fears for what they are and master your emotions you will find freedom. This truth will set you free."

A natural, breathing, living, human being.

"The acceptance of guilt into the mind of God's son [or daughter] was the beginning of the separation, and the acceptance of the At-One-Ment is its end."
A course in Miracles

"We are the ones we've been waiting for."
Unnamed Hopi Elder

The true New Zealand Flag

Whakaputanga Declaration of Independence flagThis is the flag given and approved by King William IV. People started calling it the United Confederation flag.  It is a Sovereign flag recognising that all law is bound under customary law according to article 2 of the Whakaputanga Declaration of Independence and unextinguished Native Title which still stands and exists today under this flag which is based on the 1835 Whakaputanga Declaration of Independence.

The current New Zealand flag of 1902 is a corporate flag and represents slavery in that people born in this land are tricked into becoming New Zealand citizens and slaves to a non-constitutional system, not unlike piracy of the land.  People have been tricked into standing under statutory law which is law that is based upon the greed of money and power.  People are only collateral under this system, worn down by taxes, levies, regulations, rules and a divisionary society that isolates people rendering them powerless - and the creators of that society, all powerful (in the place of the real creator.)

On Waitangi Day 2010, there was a hikoi of love which took the Whakaputanga o nga rangatira o nu tireni 1835 flag (shown above) through the grounds of Waitangi in time to receive the 21 gun salute declaring the status of Sovereigns who recognise that flag as their own.  It was filmed by TV One news and other news teams, however, when it came to television screening, the flag was nowhere to be seen as it is obviously such a threat to those who have been given power under the 1902 New Zealand flag due to ignorance. This flag does not have a constitution which means our Government is an illegal de facto Government. 

The television news teams have tried to confuse people whoTino Rangatiratanga Maori flag live in our country by associating the hikoi of love with the Tino Rangatiratanga Maori flag, which although has had a place of healing in New Zealand, does not give people their Sovereign rights.  Only the Declaration of Independence gives this to all people of New Zealand if they are to choose it with Maori being the kaitiaki (or guardians) of the land under Native Title - and NOT under legal title which means that it belongs to the Government (corporation).

It was evident to see what a threat it is to the corporations of New Zealand, as this peaceful hikoi was surrounded by police and men working for the National Intelligence Centre, who photographed every participant of the hikoi.  The Whakaputanga Declaration of Independence flag represents the unity of all people of this country, all one nation and NOT a corporation of New Zealand with slaves and masters, rich and poor and divided states of consciousness.

What the difference is between what these two flags mean...

Whakaputanga Declaration of Independence flag He Whakaputanga 1835 flag

The flag given to the Hereditary Chiefs - One People / One Heart / One land.

  • Declaration of The Independence. Mana kite whenua
  • Sovereign Power is Mana Authority
  • Mana Tangata in capacity
  • The Southern Tribes were invited to consult for the safety and welfare of our common country.

This involves:

  • Tupuna, Rangatira/Kuia, whakapapa, whenua region and area;
  • Whanau, Hapu being in order under kawa, tikanga and lore;and
  • Collective Hapu members from a Native Council.  This is a term recognised by the Law.

It embraces these essential values:

  • Kawa
  • Tikanga
  • Matauranga
  • Pono/Tika
  • Whakaurua komititmiti
  • Noho Rangimarie

The goal is to educate by helping our tangatamanawhenua to remember who we are...

and communicating who we are through:

  • Claim of rights over our whenua
  • Notice of understanding to Government agencies
  • Letters of intent to businesses/corporations within our whenua region
  • Consultation to avoid mis-representation, e.g. media

No statute or act will have the force of law over us.  Our nation will be what we make it.

The humblest citizen in all the land, when clad in the armour of a righteous cause is stronger than all the hosts of error.

Tino Rangatiratanga Maori flag

Unless you know who you are you are controlled by the governance.  You are then a money making corporation.  Your whenua will disappear into title of "Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand".  This is the alternate goal of this corporation to own you, your children and the whenua. Through Iwi you are a human entity with a living soul, however to consent to be governed by the corporation, "Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand", you become a "person", a human being by statute (subject to the rules of that society which has established itself illegitimately throughout the country).  

As Morpheus said in, "The Matrix", "Wake up! This is your last chance." 

Waitangi Day 2010

The 1902 New Zealand flag is a hoax flag and today was burnt to cinders in a ceremony of recognising that the Monetary System (The Root Cause), along with the Corporations (Dead Speak and Fictitious)...