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Trust/Corporate Law with Dean Clifford

It is vital to understand trust law and the relationships that are used in statutory/mandatory courts to keep the correct people accountable and not enter into the position of taking liability for something that is not yours to take. Law of corporations applies here as a corporation was created out of the registration of your birth when the details of a birth were submitted to the government.  This corporation name is also known as a legal person.

In reality, we the people are free to do whatever we like as long as we 'do no harm.'  We can make our own rules and be accountable to them, just as a government makes rules of society that are applicable to government agents. 



We are not obliged to obey statutes.  Our investment is the only obligation to government.  Government statutes only apply to agents of government.  All that government has they got from us. 

It is only presumed (presumption) that people are performing functions of government.  When a hearing is called, it is for the legal person (not you).  They want you to assume the position of trustee (sometimes called fiduciary) to authorise their securities against your legal person.   The presumption of you being the trustee or fiduciary needs to be broken to keep the commercial liability in the correct place.

The equivalent to a 'bond' in the courts of what is commonly known as New Zealand is the 'commercial liability number'.  This is needed along with the judges name to help keep him accountable. 

Suggestions for court hearings.  State, "I am here regarding that matter.  I am the sole shareholder and the director of the legal person."  (You may wish to have the birth certificate with you). Let them know, "It is my understanding that this makes me the beneficiary and sole shareholder of the legal person and as such I can appoint a director or executor and I have appointed myself.  Is anyone disputing this?"  It is recommended that you try to clear it all up before court.  Contact those concerned and give them the chance to remedy the situation.  If no remedy or reply is given, you may then file a certificate of default of no reply (or similar).

In New Zealand it may be more appropriate to call government employees, crown employees rather than public servant.  Please do your own research on this point and if you can explain more that would be helpful for others, please email us.

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Set your rules and status in advance with government.  Send a notice, along the suggested lines of, "It is my understanding that the birth certificate of my legal person was generated by the registering of a birth with the Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Internal Affairs, New Zealand.  That makes me the investor and the owner of the equity.  Do you deny this?"  If no rebuttal is forthcoming it is agreed that I appoint myself as the executor (or director) of the estate of the legal person.  I haven't seen any facts that I am obligated to commit a function of government for any reason.  I cannot be compelled to without my expressed consent to unless in writing in the presence of 3 witnesses of my choice and of my own free will and at my own venue. 

Make your own definitions in your notices so it is clear between concerned parties. Please check this for yourself as not enough evidence has been shown to us yet and we have not found out the equivalent to Queens Bench in New Zealand but it may be Queens Counsel?  Please email us if you can offer more information on this.  Thank you...

Government is not an enemy until they try to force things (the rules of their society) upon us.  Create a fee schedule for damages and inform government agents that you do not do anything for free.  If forced to sign, sign as, "Under duress and protest by Executor (Director) for JOHN JACK DOE” ,  All rights reserved [only when rights have been reserved previously through a notice to the appropriate government agencies].

Google Dean Clifford Freeman Trust Law for a whole lot more.  All the best!