"Our consciousness needs to move away from “Divide and rule” and more deeply into “Unite and respond with love”. Humanity unites through consciousness. Know who you really are. The truth is within you and I. Allow yourself to cleanse your psyche. Heal your fears – love and only love, those with us and those we perceive are against us. This material world is only a mirror of your consciousness. There is nothing to fear. It is not a fight to be fought or a war to be waged. It is about healing our fears and learning to love. When you see your fears for what they are and master your emotions you will find freedom. This truth will set you free."

A natural, breathing, living, human being.

"The acceptance of guilt into the mind of God's son [or daughter] was the beginning of the separation, and the acceptance of the At-One-Ment is its end."
A course in Miracles

"We are the ones we've been waiting for."
Unnamed Hopi Elder

New Zealand Media Propaganda

The propaganda that is experienced is the Western World including USA and UK, Europe, Australia is also censored and moderated in New Zealand.  It is one of the leading tools used to keep people lulled in a sleepy state of illusion while people in the so called third world countries starve, and the Red Cross administers immunisation programmes as a priority over clean water and good food. However, many people are experiencing the brutish effects of the media when they are exploited for making a stand for humanity...

Have you ever wondered why our news media almost never shows the horrors of war, the dangers of vaccines, depleted uranium, fluoride, harmful pharmaceuticals, cia drug smuggling, why Time Magazine would put someone like George Bush on the cover as man of the year and Adolph Hitler was man of the year twice?

Quotations regarding the Media Agenda

"The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread.  You know it and I know it, so what folly is this toasting an independent press?  We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes... They pull the strings... AND WE DANCE."

John Swinton, former chief-of-staff for the New York Times, in an address to fellow journalists.

"The great mass of people ... will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.  What luck for rulers that men do not think."

Adolf Hitler

"The man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them; insomuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.  It is a melancholy truth that a suppression of the press could not more completely deprive the nation of its benefits than is done by its abandoned prostitution to falsehood."

T Jefferson.

It may seem like the odds are stacked against us, but this is mere illusion.  Great efforts have been made to suppress us, and to stifle our true power and potential, in order to control us.  We've been conditioned into a state of perpetual apathy, distraction, fear and ignorance.  We've been dumbed down, brainwashed and misled.  There has been an ongoing assault on our perception of reality, on our boundaries of possibility and on our collective sense of self.  Most importantly though, we have been divided.  The oppression the many by the few has only been possible because we've been manipulated into fighting amongst each other, over trivial differences such as race, gender, age and nationality, to divert us from the fact that we're all in the same boat - a boat which is rapidly sinking, and will continue to at an ever increasing rate until we abandon our petty differences and preconceptions of each other, realise that we all have the same enemy and start working together to take back responsibility and control of our own lives.

Realise that the climate of paranoia and fear perpetuated by the mainstream media, which turns us against each other, paints every single person a potential criminal, paedophile or ‘terrorist' and makes us too scared to leave our own homes, is illusory, and serves only one purpose - to terrify us into docility and division.  A nation of terrified and divided citizens is a manipulator's wet dream.  Stop giving your mind away to the mainstream media.  Stop giving your responsibility away to government.  Unfortunately, at the highest levels, both of these institutions - as well as most other major institutions, such as banking and mainstream ‘education' - are overrun by corruption and deception and are part of the reason we're in this mess in the first place.

Fortunately, millions are now beginning to wake up.

There are a variety of organisations involved in supressing information that would be helpful to the public and also would stop the greed and money grabbing that goes on, especially in relationship to industries like the Medical Industry, Cancer Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Communications, Banking, etc, etc, etc.  In effect what these organisations are all part of the system that keeps people enslaved, sick, depressed, anxious, oppressed, self seeking for private gain and divided.

Two such organisations are The Advertising Standards Authority who have suppressed those in the fields of natural health alternatives who actually empower people to become knowledgeable and help themselves when it comes to taking care of health.

Another is the Broadcasting Standards Authority who are known by many to stop truth that will set people free to come through, to hide the illusion and give all power to Corporations like Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand (better known as New Zealand).

We need to ask, who contributes to and operates organisations like the Advertising Standards Authority and then take a step further to ask who owns the MEDIA in New Zealand.  It has been discovered that it is traced back once again to those whose agenda it is to form The New World Order largely controlled by propaganda, (biased and misleading representation of news to brainwash people into a certain way of thinking).  It comes back once again to the business of money.  This is a serious agenda with a mission to control the population by eliminating a large percentage of it - with tactics like propaganda, poisoning with pharmaceutical medication under the guise that they are the answer to diseases, doing good deeds to make corrupted societies and industries look like they care (e.g. the Cancer Society who is still trying to support getting unnatural and toxic compounds into natural human bodies but at the same time offering advice and support on how to cope while people do this and they also offer a number of other "good turns") distracting the public with entertainment and gossip to keep them in ignorance and compliance, to dull people down so time spent questioning, seeking truth, meditating, pondering on life, tuning into intuition is not a part of their life.  The part of the brain that used to be used by our ancestors who lived in nature no longer gets exercised when people become led by the masses. 

Now, you have to ask yourself, is this socially responsible.  Is this in the best interests of human beings, not if you believe that human beings have the right to freedom.  We have learnt by our experience that it is only truth that can set people free and it takes courage and Love for ourselves, one another and the world to follow it.  The more we can get truth out to people, the more they can enter into freedom and responsibility again...

Newpaper journalists are paid to write tabloid style reports, distort the truth and defame people when they threaten corporate business with human compassion.  Based upon popular opinion of many now, there is hardly any trustworthy news to be found.

This is part of a letter that was sent to the Advertising Standards Authority after what could be described as an anti-humanity encounter  with the Advertising Standards Authority - by a system put in place to stop truth reaching the public that could actually empower their health and well being.  

This following letter is an expression of my opinion and as such written without prejudice.

Well done to all of you to promote the writing of such an article by the Sunday Herald by Rebecca Milne, one of your top gun reporters of your media association, which is in the first part untrue in areas. It makes me believe you must have given the reporter information because we did not.

The reporter writes that you "ordered" us to remove the offending claims. You do not have any authority to order me to do anything, the only powers you might have is over your media members. She must believe you do, who has given her such an idea, was it you? I take it that you told that reporter you have such an Authority. 

In conclusion I feel either the reporter is dishonest or you did give her information which is untrue, misleading, tabloid style representations of a complaint which led to such an article lacking therefore any social responsibility and facts. I am interested to know which one of the two options it was.

I acknowledge now that the media is what it is; self governed and self righteous all under the banner of  FREE PRESS and with the attitude .. "We do what we like, we are the MEDIA". So please don't give me an answer to direct all complaints with her editor or the Press Council, they are just like you, just another form of the same.  Did you know that you cannot complain to that press council without losing your right to sue the paper for lying, just another one of these setups which only serve the Media.

I hold you the ASA responsible for the nature of this article as you gave birth to such an article ever to be published by your decision to throw it to the bottom feeders, the reporters. For her to include our names and photo without our consent was great as once again you must have given your media you represent, the idea that the complaint was against us as private citizens [let's change that word to people as to be a citizen to the society known as Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand, more commonly known to most simply as New Zealand means to be a bonded slave - I am not]. 

The reporters writing style is that of a gossip magazine writer, of which we have a few around which now is a true representation of what ASA stands for,  supports and encourages.

I feel sad that you and your "highly intellectually educated" board members are part of such a system which does that to someone. I am sure the media and you, the ASA will have some way to talk yourselves out off dealing now with the effects of your action and the social responsibility and accountability it supposedly has. You, by making your unqualified decision on the complaint, by unqualified board members, using fear tactics for people researching natural therapies to help with their illness and cancer, have now got the blood and suffering of innocent people on your hands and conscience. For these people will continue to die of the effects of many of these medical treatments given. You probably already know some of these people yourself.  I do.  Most people do. 

The third biggest killer in Australia (with similar trends as NZ) is preventable medical injuries and preventable adverse drug reactions, straight after vascular disease and cancer.  Interestingly, less people die from complementary medicines than those who drown in bath tubs.  We don't want to provide you with the source of this information because we feel it is dangerous in your hands and can possibly lead once again to misrepresentation.

We never saw our correspondence with you as an act of defending anything but more a discussion on some details in how to possibly improve the opinions we shared on our site. So we didn't appeal because we never accepted your Board, its' Authority over us, the ruling, any of this.  So no defence or appeal is required. We never pleaded guilty to anything as we haven't done anything harmful or otherwise.

However a meeting has been held on the 16th July 2009 4.41 pm by us as the judge and jury over a complaint regarding you the ASA and found you guilty on all charges. You are now branded as misleading, a biased organisation with one agenda: to design codes which restrict the free speech of the people of New Zealand including through the internet which for your information is the last real unlimited media in the world.

Please refer to http://www.laleva.cc/The_Hague/en/index.html and do your own research as it will provide you with more than enough insight on the genocide and world order agenda and how it has filtered right through the governments, health boards, medical associations and MEDIA as their arm to suppress all that is potentially a threat against them.

One day you will wake up and know that you all have been puppets to the ones in power and you will regret your ignorance at this time and you will need to ask for the forgiveness of all the ones you sent to death indirectly as it might seem to you. There is an educational revolution on its way and I know all people who are in support of this mass manipulation through propaganda and systems like the ASA (its representatives) will receive the reward of their anti-humanity actions.

It would seem plain to see that the media is only representing its own cause when you look at what has been included and what has been excluded.

What can we do?

It still all comes back to a basic attitude that can help bring this world forward to a better place as people share in it.  This is about expanding our consciousness, searching for truth and sharing it.  We are all connected in that we share the five elements that sustain life on earth.  They are earth, water, fire, air and ether.

We ourselves are guided and growing more into ...

Love, truth and simplicity.

This is our greatest lesson as a result of having been pulled into this very dense and oppressive energy of the system.  We find people heal the best outside of the system and healing within the system has been deliberately limited by so called codes of ethics (that become unethical within the realm of fear they are created in).  We believe, ideally we need to be completely out of the system, financially as well to create the best environment possible for people to heal, grow and learn.  We are open to support in this matter.

Lets look at ...


It overcomes fear and fear is the tactic that has been used to gain power, money and control for centuries in this world we share.  Those who are grabbing power, money and control are in need of much love.  Fear will only feed the need for more of what they have been seeking.  Only love produces care and empathy towards and for others and the security it takes to change as money systems crumble and we have readjust to a new way of living.


has been silenced and suppressed once again to gain power, money and control.  When we find out the truth behind these anti-humanity actions and tactics, we can share with others ultimately to empower them with their own choices based on the response-ability we have as natural human beings.  This may mean having the courage not to go along with the "assumed authorities" grabbing for their own gain.  It may mean finding other ways to avoid legalities that have been set in place for corrupt purposes.  Knowing the truth about who we are and how valuable each and every one of us is creates a profound understanding of the wonder of life and how we can possibly harmonise together in it. 


means once again having free mind space to do what we are passionate about in life without having to consider laws and regulations, being bound by societal or religious conditioning that cripples the freedom we rightfully have as natural human beings.  As far as healthcare goes, it means finding ways back to good health through healthy and simple lifestyle choices and nutrition. Perhaps it means having such an uncluttered mind that we once can use those parts of the brain that guide us intuitively and creatively, that we can connect with a higher consciousness (a part of us not to be separated from us) that we once again hear clearly, trust in and come back into harmony with nature and others, caring and sharing. It may also help to turn off the television and don't buy the newspapers that are obviously censored.  Use your local newspapers to light your fires and if you get a glimpse of a head line in your local supermarket, turn it around to the opposite message.  It is likely to be more true. (Eg. 132 police assaulted, can be turned around to 132 police assault innocent people).

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And regarding medical and pharmaceutical industries which have been fiercely protected by the Media, have a look at the yet uncensored news out there.  It may do some good, firstly to raise awareness, and secondly to make our own choices based on the knowledge available and then for our beloved brothers and sisters that we share the planet with!

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"The China Study, Startling Implications for diet, weight loss and long-term health", by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II, Benbella Books, Inc, Dallas, Texas, 2006.

Swine Flu 1976 & Propaganda - The Devastations

First Amendment suspended in the Gulf of Mexico as spill cover-up goes Orwellian

The war is on to control your mind

If all this sounds familiar, it's because the U.S. government uses this same tactic during every war. The first casualty of war, as they say, is the truth. There are lots of war images the government doesn't want you to see (like military helicopter pilots shooting up Reuters photographers while screaming "Yee-Haw!" over the comm radios), and there are other images they do want you to see ("surgical strike" explosions from "smart" bombs, which makes it seem like the military is doing something useful). So war reporting is carefully monopolized by the government to deliver precisely the images they want you to see while censoring everything else.

Now the same Big Brother approach is being used in the Gulf of Mexico: Criminalize journalists, censor the story and try to keep the American people ignorant of what's really happening. It's just the latest tactic from a government that no longer even recognizes the U.S. Constitution or its Bill of Rights. Because the very first right is Freedom of Speech, which absolutely includes the right to walk onto a public beach and take photographs of something happening out in the open, on public waters. It is one of the most basic rights of our citizens and our press.

Health News